16 июн. 2012 г.

hey hey hey i hate everything

#1 just great. know what, screw this. who cares about getting wet?! people don't die of colds. i don't HAVE any waterproof clothing. i don't even have a key to my flat, and you want me to possess a pair of wellingtons? besides, it didn't EVEN RAIN in the end. i know, i was reading a book in the park ALL DAY LONG. so, fuck you. i am now obliged to dislike you for the rest of my life. thanks. instead of having flashbacks of the most embarrassing moments of my life, on my deathbed, i will actually think of you and hope that if youre not dead yet, you will soon join me in hell. arsehole.

#2 that bloody toaster, too. electrocuted me. that's fine. i quite like not being able to touch things in my flat, you know, its making ordinary life seem more extreme, like, "cool guys don't put rubber gloves on to make a fucking TOAST in the morning".

#3 they're making kill bill - 3. the second one already was worse than the first. what else is there to say about the black mamba? oh well. as far as im concerned, they might as well make a harry potter sequel too. because why not? why the fuck leave the story alone if you can make even MORE money out of it? let people pay money to go see it, so that they can rant about it later in the pub, while having the cheapest pint there is. its cool. tis life. its not like we have anything else to talk about, anyway.

#4 fucking limescale on the bottom of my electric kettle. i hate you. 

#5 the rent. because who DOESN'T hate the rent? only the people who don't have to pay it. well... as a #6, fuck them, too.

#7 i'm giving up smoking. because its horrible, that's why. its a disgusting old man's habbit. ive just had a cigarette and am still angry and annoyed and full of pure hatred, so what's the point? boredom is number one reason for smoking and you know what, im not that bored. my heart is messed up and my fingertips are some shitty orange colour. 

#8 food. who needs food? oh yes, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING HUMAN BEING ON EARTH. but you know, it suddenly becomes optional, when at one point in your life you hit #5 and then your organism hates you, your priorities get all messed up and in the end you act like a total dumbass, don't buy food, dont pay rent and spend ALL THE MONEY on weed, tobacco and alcohol. or is it just me?

never mind. im off. k bye

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